Howland Preschool

4 Year Half Day

4 Year Half Day

4 Year Half Day

This class is designed to teach the skills necessary for kindergarten success while continuing to work on social, emotional and physical development.

Children must be 4 by September 30 to be eligible for this class. Classes offered 4 days a week. Classes offered: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 9:15-11:45 or 12:45-3:15pm.  A full day option is offered Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 9:15-2:00pm.

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9:15-9:40Circle Time
9:40-10:00Directed activity
10:00-10:20Play in room
10:20-10:40Clean up, wash hands & eat snack
11:40-10:50Learning game
10:50-11:10Music or library
11:25-11:30Put coats on & find tote bag
** Afternoon preschool class follows the same schedule

Why Us

  • State Licensed
  • Flexible Co-Op
  • Convenient Location
  • Clean Facilities
  • Well Maintained Building
  • Over 70 Years Teaching Experience


  • Indoor Play Space
  • Outdoor Playground
  • Convenient Drop Off/ Pick Up System
  • Enrichment Room
  • Min Four Teachers + Aid
  • School Library
  • Weekly Music
  • Optional Gymsters Program
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